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Dog Walking & More in Long Island : We go the extra mile(s)!

    We create an active body and mind through exercise, Exercising your dogs body and mind,  Utopia for your pets, peace of mind for you! 
                                          Helping Both Ends of the Leash, Let's Turn Your K9 Into a 10
                                                Want to learn more? Sit. Stay. Read on. 

Daily Dog Walking:

At K9 Kardio our philosophy is as simple as our name...get your dogs tired! 

We combine our love for animals with our love for the outdoors. Your pet's well-being relies upon routine and consistency, That’s where we come in. We take copious notes to understand your dog, your dogs environment, and ensure that he/she will be paired with the right dog walker to meet all your dog walking needs, Under the watchful eye of a professional dog handler, your dog will enjoy fun, stimulating and safe adventures. Every walk is tailored to your dog’s specific needs, energy level and personality to ensure the best experience possible.

 We provide energy releasing runs for active dogs and relaxing walks for less upbeat dogs. We will provide your dog with all of the physical activity needed and customize our visits to their needs and exercise level. We offer walks/visits in 30, 45, and 60 +-minute increments.

 All of our companion animals appreciate a calm, assertive leader who provides them with consistent exercise, discipline, and lots of TLC.

Why roll the dice of ordering an Uber-style app, Don’t leave your best friend with just anyone—leave them with the pros! We come to work each day determined to help your pet have a great day! Come walk with us. 

*Ask about rescue dog discounts* 

*Daily Dog Walks assume a recurring schedule of three or more days every week. If you do not require at least three visits per week, you will be charged the Out of Town Visit rates.  
Evening, Weekends & Holiday rates  apply.

We appreciate that entrusting us with the care of your best friend is a very important decision for you to make and before we can agree to offer you any of our services, we insist on meeting with you and your k9 companion. Every client joining us must go thorough a complimentary meet & greet. We see these meetings as an investment in our future relationship. 


At K9 Kardio, we pride ourselves on our high quality of service, our dedicated staff are fully vetted qualified, experienced, regulated by numerous professional bodies, insured/bonded and Certified in PetTech Pet CPR & First Aid, trained to provide impeccable service. 


We are a grassroots business that prioritizes the welfare of the dogs we serve. We don't "recruit" walkers through an app, we hand pick and train all our employees, our employees are subject to a criminal background check and have references checked before starting on the job. They are then put through two weeks training and shadowing a senior dog walker,to be certain that they are fully aware of K9 Kardio, safety procedures and overall standard of pet care.  If that goes well, we invite them to be an official part of our team!

Our focus is on quality of care, not the quantity of clients!  Your dog’s safety is at the forefront of everything we do.

Please note: CONSULT FORM must be completed in ADVANCE. Due to the safety of all animals in our care we CANNOT accommodate last minute services to new clients.


All Dogs are subject to temperament and socialization evaluations before joining the K9 Kardio pack

Overnight Pet Sitting 

Our team of professional pet sitters are on call and especially reserved for

K9 Kardio  members!

With our pet sitting services, we are here to help with animals of all kinds  - cats, dogs, fish, hamsters and virtually all other animals can be cared for in the comfort of your own home while you’re on the go! All of our Pet Sitting visits occur in the comfort of your own home so you can avoid the stress and hassle of boarding your pets when you are on the move – simply schedule visits as needed and our sitters will be there to ensure that your pets are getting nothing but the best.

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Private Cage Free Dog Boarding:
K9 Adventures, Walk & Train, Basic Obedience
D     Day Care 

Boarding (available only to prior/current clients):
Holiday rates: $60/night 
Puppies 6 months and under: $75/night​ 

*Boarders are chosen on a case by case basis and must be prior or current clients with us.  crate-free, with canine friends, on a cozy cushion or in bed with a human caretaker allowing your dog to roam freely. We ask that you bring your pets’ food, treats, toys, and bedding, and whatever else will make your pet feel right at home. *must show proof of vaccines prior to boarding *Sorry we cannot accept intact dogs over 12 months. 

Cancellation Policy – Boarding reservations must be cancelled with a minimum 72 hours notice. Holiday boarding reservations must be cancelled with a minimum 14 days notice. Failure to do so will result in the full boarding charge applied to the reservation. Holiday reservations are defined by an entire reservation that includes one or more days charged at the holiday rate.

Boarding Deposit – K9 Kardio reserves the right to require a deposit up to the full amount of the estimated stay.

Dogs are innately pack animals. They thrive in structured, challenging outings lead by a pack leader! I strive to provide a variety of activities each week. These activities include: dog park excursions, nature hikes, basic obedience training, doggie day adventures or a Jaunt through the neighborhood. Each destination will provide stimulation, walking, exercising, and social interaction. All of this is essential for your k9


- Used for dogs that need better leash manners and basic obedience while on walks. 


- All basic obedience commands such as: Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Go to Bed, Off, Leave-It, Drop-It, and Come. House manners, problem behaviors (jumping, digging, excessive barking, etc.), and loose leash walking also included.

*Disclaimer: All service lengths are subject to change based on the weather, at the team’s discretion.

Doggy daycare is an excellent way to socialize your dog in a controlled setting with other dogs! We also work on basic obedience skills. Daycare includes morning walks and if local, we will Pick up and drop off your pet.

.All dogs are pre-screened, fully vaccinated and temperament approved.

     *Subject to availability

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