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Do you have more than just cats and dogs at your home?  At K9 Kardio we go from backyards to barns,, we know how hard it can be to get away from the family farm for a vacation. Not only do you have to find someone you trust to care for your animals when you're away. They also need to have the requisite skills and knowledge to care for livestock. Our pet sitters have years of experience and are able to handle most farm animals. From cows and horses to goats and chickens and everything in between, our reliable staff can handle the rigors of farm work in your absence. Our services can include stall care, feeding, watering, turn-in/out and blanketing as well as any medication your animals may need. 

Drop-in Visits

Drop-in care is perfect when you just need someone to feed your animals, look them over for signs of illness or injury and bring them in/out of the field. Your sitter will feed grain/hay, give any medications and refill water buckets. They will do a quick perimeter check to make sure all gates and fences are in working order and locked up tight before they leave.

Overnight Farm Care

Our qualified farm sitter will stay overnight on your farm to provide care for a guaranteed 12 hours (7pm - 7am). The sitter may return mid-day to let dogs/cats out for a quick potty break if necessary. Morning and Evening hay/grain will be provided as directed, all animals will be inspected for signs of illness or injury, water buckets will be filled and all gates/fences will be checked for good working order. At no additional charge, the sitter can bring in your mail, water your house plants and cycle your house lights.

Each farm is unique in their individual care needs- contact us for a custom care plan! 

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