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Behind the leash

 Welcome to K9 Kardio, We offer Long Island unrivaled Dog Walking, Pet sitting, Training services & More!

Dogs on long Island have been loyally following K9 Kardio ever since they clipped their first leash in 2011, Since then, we've cared & helped hundreds of dogs & cats as well as their owners;  and have been roaming your neighborhoods ever since!  Since its inception, clients have remained fiercely loyal due to the love, care and respect that is shown to each dog and their owners. The highest compliment we constantly receive are our referrals, making its way through the neighborhood and soon K9 Kardio was listed by the management company of various condominium and apartment complexes as the recommended dog walking and pet sitting service of Long Island. 


Meet Dawn the Owner, founder & Certified Professional dog handler of K9 Kardio

K9 Kardio is the brainchild of Dawn, born out of a lifetime of lovng, caring, and working with animals in a multitude of scenarios. Dogs have been an integral part of her life since childhood, the love of animals is ingrained in her DNA. Beginning her career in the pet industry over a decade ago, She brings an unparalleled passion and devotion to her business marked by an unconditional, unapologetic, fierce love for each dog. She is an active member of the Suffolk County, Long Island community and her social media content cultivates a family atmosphere and network of dog lovers. Dawn's experience has earned her the respect as a volunteer of many Long Island rescues and shelters. She intrinsically loves caring and advocating for dogs and has years of invaluable hands on experience working with shelter, rescue dogs & foster dogs. Her devotion continues to assure that animals receive humane and compassionate treatment. She is a proven pack-leader who provides canine companions with the love & attention they need to interact comfortably with their human and other canine friends. .

With a background apprenticing with various trainers and a certified CGC dog handler, Dawn has gained a skillset of basic obedience to match her love of all breeds. Privately, she has established and works Independently with a diverse and respectable client base. She is continuously adapting her services to meet the diverse needs of her clientele, and is willing to work with you to best serve your dog. By personally scheduling each dog, Dawn is able to evaluate and modify each plan to provide the most reliable, loving pet service tailored to each client. The well-being of your pet is the driving force behind all of K9 Kardio company policies, procedures, and decisions. As we understand how difficult it is to have a full time job and meet the daily activity needs of your pet, we have been there. Rest assured that while you are working hard, we are too.

Giving Back– Volunteering and inspiring others to do the same is a part of the K9 Kardio culture. When Dawn is not with her own family or your pets you will most likely find her creating opportunities and events in the community to raise awareness, funds and supplies for those in need and empowering young people with the knowledge, guidance and confidence to use their voice and individual talents to affect positive change.    Her favorite part of the day is coming home to her two rescued Bully Breeds, who have taught her a lot about herself, and shown her that the patience and dedication in taking care of a “bad dog” do pay off.


Dawn loves dogs, no two ways around it. They always bring out the best in her, she  loves to run, play, push hard, and to be outside… even more so with dogs. she belongs out on the trail with a companion… and rewarded with knowing a dog’s heart feels the same

K9 Kardio is composed of Dawn and her excellent team of caring individuals. As cliché as it sounds, we do what we do because we love what we do. Our commitment to serving the community we live in runs deep. we treat clients like family. Your dog’s tail wagging is our priority.  


                                                                                                 K9 Kardio

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